Monday, January 19, 2015

Check Mate

So some young ladies and myself have been reading a chapter a day of Jeremiah. Honestly, I missed a few days. But any who yesterday we read Chapter 7 and everyone shared their thoughts. I want to focus on one of my points.

When God told Jeremiah in verse 16 He wouldn't listen to him if he asked God to help the people of Judah, it showed me some people just have to touch the stove and maybe lose their hand or something to know it's hot. No matter how much begging, telling and pleading you do to and for them they just have to get burned.

When I made that point a young lady said, "YES!! Right!! I"m learning things that aren't in my control I can't worry about or it may not be in 'my control'!! So I simply step back and watch GOD."

I replied, "Step back and watch God while I'm eating popcorn, sipping tea, and hollering check mate."

I became ecstatic saying "OMG life in the spiritual realm is like a chess game!!! We make a move then Satan makes a move. Then we start "checking" each other. But because we're with God we get to say "Check Mate. Game Over." God has the final say."