Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transparency Tuesday: Crushed

I've been told other young women can benefit from my story. There are times when I'm trying to figure out what is my story. I do know I have thoughts in my head. Keeping the baggage to myself isn't helping me or healthy. So I'll share my thoughts so I can free my mind and possibly help someone else.

Crushed is what I become when my mind wanders to the past. My past two boyfriends broke up with me. The next thing you know their girlfriends are pregnant and then they're married. Now the first of the two wasn't such a bad situation we both had moved on. It just stung a little. Like wow didn't we talk about marriage? But hey we were in high school so it's whatever lol. But that second one is what really crushed me. How easy was it for you to replace me and give her what I wanted? So I guess we didn't mean anything? Was I that sassy? Was I that bad? Was I super rude? Too caring? Intimidating? Ugly? Too dark? Too short? Like what was it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Going Home

Hilton Head Island, SC
Fun fact: I love the sound of water; it is so calming to me. I've wondered why from time to time. Did I have an experience with water? Traveling "home" allowed me to realize being born by water probably had something to do with that lol. (If you don't know what I mean by home check out "Set The Record Straight.") Let's not forget I spent approximately 4 years of my life living on the island of Guam. Hey I am a Navy Brat so water is life lol.

So many of us do certain things not knowing why. Go back "home" and figure out why. Talk to your family and see what generational patterns need to be broken. Look at Rebekkah in the Bible. She was deceitful. Her brother Laban was deceitful. Her son Jacob was deceitful. Her daughter-in-law/niece Rachael was deceitful. They all have great qualities about them but good Lord talk about a generational pattern. After realizing their connections to each other I have wondered about the parents of Rebekkah and Laban.

Not all generational patterns are bad by the way. When you take a trip "home" you just may realize you do or like certain things because of your great-great grandfather. My grandmother ate Mr. Goodbars heavily when she was pregnant with my dad and now he loves the candy and so do I lol. I have an old friend whose mom ate fish a lot when she was pregnant now the result is my friend cannot eat fish or her throat will swell up.  A friend of mine's wife asked him why did he work so much. After having a self-reflection moment, he realized he saw his mom work so much so it was natural for him to work.