Friday, January 22, 2016

Release the Dancing Machine: Isac Gaitan

Everyone meet Isac. He's like a little itty bitty brother to me. Haha he's a young adult. Recently, Isac has choreographed a dance routine and asked me to promote his video on my Instagram page. I wanted to do more than just post on IG. People will always need a reference without scrolling through weeks of videos and photographs. So I eagerly asked if we could collab his video with my blog. Thankfully he replied, "Of course!"

With my revamp, I think this will be a great addition to my blog. Hopefully more dancers will partake in Release the Dancing Machine. Also I pray God takes their talents to new heights.

Below are some quick facts about Isac!!!

Name: Isac Gaitan

Isac's 3rd day at Chipotle lol.
I don't think he knew I took this pic.
DOB: November 29
Favorite Color: Red & Black
Personal Interesting Fact: Half Colombian, Half Nicaraguan
Dance Organization: Attack Dance "Crew"
Social Media: @ice_gaitan  
Who is your greatest inspiration? Why?: My parents are my inspiration because they have done so much with so little.
Why do you dance?: To express myself and to inspire others that no matter what you want to do in life you can achieve it and be as good as you want to be in it as long as you put your hard work and heart to it. 
Please discuss the choreography and video production.: Choreography came from listening to Bryson Tiller's Trap Soul album. Album was very good in my opinion and had plenty songs I wanted to do choreography to but this song in particular stood out to me because of past experiences. So I told myself I would make a production to this song. So I contacted my close friend Jared Liverpool who is a very talented director and together we came up with the video aspect. The next thing I did was get some great dancers and in 4 days the video was made.
What's next for you?: My next move is to continue pursuing my degree and keeping my passion for dancing alive. 

Enjoy the video!!!

Amani Sirmon @armanisimon
Isac Gaitan @ice_gaitan
Jared Liverpool @jaylive1
Manny Acosta @forever_fresco
Morale Durden @mojo_diddly

If the above video doesn't work no worries. Here's the direct link.

Let Em Know x Bryson Tiller | Choreography by Isac Gaitan

Relax, Relate, Release,



  1. This is live, keep it going. You never know who is watching!