Monday, July 20, 2015

I Said "Yes"

So yesterday July 19 was a huge day for me!!!  I said "yes" to being fully committed to God. I said "yes" to fully walking in my purpose. 

I officially became a member of Engage Church where the goal is to Engage God, Engage People, and Engage Culture. Can you believe it?!? After years of church hopping I found a church home!!!

I want to share the symbolism behind me joining a church. I believe this will open new doors for me. I feel like I fully committed to God with this step. There were times I would look around and see people receiving the blessings I asked for. The blessing I prayed for. The blessings I fasted for. I thought I was committing my actions to the Lord like it says in Proverbs 16:3. So why aren't my plans succeeding?

"You can't even fully commit to me so how are you going to commit your actions to me?" ~God

Ouch!!! Okay Lord I hear you.

I've been wondering why there's a lack of stability in my life but I haven't even chosen a church home. I wanted to grow but I couldn't stay planted. I really felt a lack of stability when it came to people. I went through a nasty break-up, losing friends left to right, having trouble finding mentors. Lord what's going on?  I was looking for stability in people and not in God. So God had to shake it up to wake me up. I'm thankful for the situations because they drew me closer to God. Hindsight is 20/20 and the revelations are real. I can't be in a committed courtship, friendship, or mentorship if I'm not fully committed to God.

I was receiving partial of my blessings not because I serve a partial God but because I was serving God partially.

I like describing joining a church as going to a hair salon. The proper hair care will allow your hair to be better than it was before. It'll take time but you will see the changes after while. However if you keep going from salon to salon you won't see any growth. You may actually cause damage to your hair. Not because the products or service was bad but because your hair can't grasp any consistency. It can't be trained. So me not growing wasn't the fault of the other churches I attended. I wasn't committed to God so I could commit to a church. Now I'm fully committed to God by committing to Engage Church. Which is me committing to be planted, to be watered, so I can grow. With my growth I will blossom meaning gain maturity. Once I blossom I'll be a help to others. Meaning God can use me. He can use me for His glory.

I am the Lord's bride and I fully submit to Him!!! I now have somewhere I can use my gifts. I'm walking with a new level of favor. I can now fully walk in the purpose God has for me.

Relax, Relate, Release,



  1. This is beautiful! I'm so happy you are letting GOD use you! Thank you for your obedience! It has truly blessed me!

    1. I'm glad my obedience to God is blessing you. You're so kind.

  2. Amen! I love this!- Breonna King