Wednesday, June 8, 2016

321 - Birthday Girl

Composing this entry took awhile. I wanted to capture my birthday correctly. This has to be one of best birthdays. It was going to be lengthy but I've decided to give the briefest summary as possible.

So long story short...My sisters were kind enough to loan me some money. There were some HR issues and I was still waiting on a paycheck. Thursday after getting my hair done I found out one of my friends from middle school passed away and his funeral was the upcoming Saturday. I had friends coming in town to celebrate my birthday, a photoshoot on Saturday plus church and brunch on Sunday. I changed my photoshoot to Sunday after brunch so I could attend the funeral. Thank God my photographer and makeup artist were available and flexible. This also allowed me to saved money from buying another outfit. I wore the same dress for brunch and my photoshoot. The dress is so beautiful. It also allowed me to use my original location of choice since Sunday was a no rain day unlike Saturday. So Sunday was church, brunch and photoshoot day. Monday, March 21st was my actual birthday. Not only did one of my sorority sisters came to my brunch but she also treated me to lunch on my birthday!!! The Friday after my birthday I went to SkyZone with friends from middle school and Bible Study since they couldn't make it to brunch on Sunday.  All in all this was the best birthday. I'm thankful to God to see 23.

Below are pictures from my birthday. I also included links and Instagram handles to my celebration locations and attire. Enjoy!

Church: Engage Church
Brunch: The Edison
Cake: Q-Ti Cakes @qticakes
Photo Scene: Cascades Park
SkyZone Tallahassee
Dress: Windsor
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Hair: Ikeyia Powell @ikeyiap
MUA: Radiant Jones @AlwaysRadiantEveryday
Photographer: Lidia Mathers @safetiepin

Sneezed on the beat
Found out Radiant is my sorority sister
FAMU Football Players

Every Nation plus some random in the back lol
We go back to James A. Shanks Middle School days lol
Barely Recognized Myself

Zeta is the only way
B-CU Wildcat Invasion

Toe Touch
JT & Mike

The Transformation

Relax, Relate, Release


"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on. "
~Irvin Berlin

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