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TBT: Sophomore Slump

Featured under 3...2...1, this entry has made it to Throwback Thursday once again lol. It's from my Beaufort High Classmate Albert Padilla. I believe he's in New York now. Hopefully he'll bless us with an update soon.

June 25, 2015

TBT: Sophomore Slump

It's Throwback Thursday!!! In a previous post I mentioned the desire to start a newsletter for my classmates. Shout out to Beaufort High Class of 2011!!! These eagles are soaring to amazing heights. I pray God continues to bless my classmates. Since I had entries but no newsletter it seems like a good idea to present them on my blog. Someone has to read these stories.

First up is one of my favorites!!! My classmate Albert Padilla went from a below average high school student to a successful college graduate. He is one of my main supporters even though he is now in New York. God is so amazing. Below you'll see the email along with his recap of sophomore year. Look for an update from Mr. Padilla any day now lol.

Hey Breanna,

Here is how my sophomore year went. It's crazy how someone can go from being a below average high school student to a pretty successful college student haha. I was thinking the title of my article could be, Sophomore Slump?. Because most people after their first year of college do a little worst but I feel like I was very successful. What do you think?

Sophomore Slump

I think what you're doing is a great idea! I hope you keep up with it and can have a successful newsletter. 

I have had a pretty good successful year this year. I became an Alpha Leader on campus, which is a leader that is handpicked and serves as a mentor for incoming freshmen. It’s what an orientation leader does at other schools, but here they ask for much more. I am in charge of about 15-20 students. I actually teach them in their college life class, college 101, as well as just serving as someone they can talk to or ask questions to. I got to travel to Memphis Tennessee for a huge work shop called SROW, which was a great learning experience. Made some great friends from other schools while tightening my relationship with my fellow Alpha Leaders. Being an Alpha Leader has opened my eyes and I absolutely love the position.


Also I had a successful theater year. I helped with two main stage productions. I was a Stage Manager for our fall production of Into the Woods, a musical. I can’t sing so I didn’t addition for the musical haha. It was a great turn out and a fun production to be apart of. I was Dr. Striker in our spring production of A Murder Mystery Weekend of Doom: A love Story. Which an alumni of Newberry College wrote himself. We are the first program, besides him, to do his production anywhere. It was a fun and very successful world premier. We flew the Alumni, Steven Stack, to Newberry to watch his work at the Newberry Opera House. Which is a professional stage that we perform all of our shows on after our first run at the school. We loved it so much that he stayed for all three shows we did of MMWOD. It was so cool to meet him and spend time with the playwright. Great experience.

 Also, some other theater stuff, we do participate in competitions and attend workshops every year. This year our SCSTA, South Carolina Speech and Theater Association, competition was held on February 2nd at Tri-county Technical College in Easley SC. I took home two trophies in both categories I competed in. I took home 3rd place in Technical Design for my lighting design for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. And I took second place in prose reading for a reading I did from one of Donald Glover’s songs titled That Power. My school took home 6 awards all together and it was an awesome day. I went the year before and didn’t win anything.

 Then in March I went to Louisville Kentucky for SETC, Southeastern Theater Conference. SETC is the largest theater event held in the southeast every year. Its workshops, performances, and keynote speakers. I had an amazing time. The big keynote speaker was Norm Lewis, and he is a good friend of our department chair. We got to meet Norm personally, hangout with him, and got to get dinner at the hard rock cafĂ©. We got to hear stories from one of the most successful African American Broadway actors. The whole trip was very was amazing and it was a life changing experience to say the less. The year before we went to Chattanooga Tennessee and next year we are going to Mobile Alabama! So we get to travel to all these places for free! It’s awesome.    

I also get to help recruit students at SETC because high schools can pay to go to SETC and we set up a table and try to convince theater students to come to Newberry. I get to help out because I am also a Student Ambassador on campus. One of the admission counselors that specialize in the arts comes with us and since I already work for her throughout the year, I help at the table. I love my school so I love talking about it and trying to share it with others. Being a student Ambassador is a great thing opportunity in its self. I get to call prospective students and tell them why I love Newberry and why I think they should come. I give tours to students who come for a campus visit. I also help with big group events on campus and it’s just a great way to meet people and help share Newberry College with others.

I also became the president of the theater organizations on campus. Alpha Psi Omega (APO) is the theater organizations on campus now. The last couple of years the presidents and members let this organizations start to fall through the cracks and the group almost got shut down last spring. After being elected I have great plans for help get the organizations back on its feet and moving in the right direction. 

After all that, I maintain a 3.4 GPA my sophomore year and moved into a house with my good buddy Austin Bunnell, who also went to Beaufort High. I am currently employed at the school as a paid student worker. I help out in the admissions office over the summer. I miss Beaufort all the time but it’s time to grow up. Not your typical sophomore slump huh?   

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